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MVP Security- Wildfire Security

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Why Work For MVP Security?

MVP Security is proud to offer the most competitive wages. We believe in compensating our team fairly and offer the best pay in our industry. We have a people-first culture which has led to us having an incredibly low turnover rate for the industry. Here, you can build deep work relationships and be sure you have access to leadership and the resources you need to succeed. We believe teamwork is the key to outstanding service and are committed to building a diverse team of individuals who will help one another grow.

MVP Security's on-site security service is a professional and innovative approach dedicated to protecting client assets.

Our team of professionals possess unrivaled experience in all aspects of on-site security.

From the initial security consultation and assessment to the implementation of a workable, flexible, and affordable site security solution. Our key components for success are recruiting, hiring, management, communication, and follow-through. These components enable us to ensure a high level of service, satisfaction, and loyalty.

We offer a wide variety of security services to Oregon, Washington, and California, including:

On-Site Services

Fire Camp Patroling

Road Closures

Security Consulting

We partner with state and local agencies to encourage, empower and inform people like you on how we can help secure and protect during wildfire season in Oregon, Washington and California.

MVP Security- Wildfire Security
MVP Security- Wildfire Security
MVP Security- Wildfire Security
MVP Security- Wildfire Security
MVP Security- Wildfire Security

Working with MVP Security

First Rate

Even though a lot of the work we do is carried out beyond our corporate office, we ensure that our team members have access to the leadership and resources they need to succeed. Our seasoned mentors are here to help, so you can continue to grow and develop.


We are collaborative to the core, resulting in outstanding service and efficiency. By working closely with a diverse group of people, there is an opportunity to truly make an impact, grow professionally, and cultivate long-lasting relationships.

Retention Rates

Our turnover percentage of 5%, this places MVP Security far below the industry standard of 200%, and it is evidence of our people-first culture. This means that you can build deep connections with your colleagues to create a trusting, friendly, and high-functioning team.


MVP Security has the ability to provide all of our team members a compensation up to 50% higher than our competitors. This is because you come before anything else. Without our awesome team members, we would be nothing and we recognize this.

Get In Touch With Our Team

Whether you’re located on the in the city or tucked neatly away out of the spotlight, MVP Security is here to help keep you safe. Get in touch with our team today to find out how our experienced team of security guards can help make your property safe. If you’re looking for a job in Oregon, Washington or California, we are always searching for talented new guards to join our team!

📞 (‭541) 733-1922‬

MVP Security- Wildfire Security


‭(541) 733-1922‬

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